Note: This guide is written for SAIT students. The process is largely the same for staff and visitors, but the default usernames and passwords will be different.

Visitors to the SAIT Library, who do not have SAIT network credentials and need wireless internet access, can request a temporary username and password at the Information Desk.

The WiFi Use page has information on our WiFi policies.

Wireless Networks

SAIT has secured and unsecured wireless networks available across campus:

  • sait-secure (secure)
  • sait-open (unsecured)
Both are safe to use, but sait-open only allows access to the Internet. You need to be on a secure network to access printers or networked drives.

If you are a member of an Eduroam campus, you may also access that network while at SAIT.

How Do I Connect?

It is recommended to first connect to the secured network, sait-secure

When prompted to login, enter your network domain\username and password. For example:

  • Domain\Username: ACDM\XXXXXX (Student ID without the leading zeros)
  • Password: YYMMDD (6 digit date of birth)

If you are unable to connect, then use the unsecured network, sait-open. Follow the above login instructions.

First Time Using the Wireless Network?

Follow these instructions to set-up your computer or device:

  1. Connect with a network cable, or connect to sait–open
  2. Go to

Help With Wireless Networks

If you need assistance with connecting to a wireless network at SAIT, please contact:

  • SAIT Technology Help Desk
    MB004, Stan Grad Centre
Last Updated: October 21, 2016 5:20 PM

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