Full List of Library Policies

There are eleven study rooms located in the Reg Erhardt Library, four on Level-1 and seven on Level-0. Students may reserve rooms online using the room booking service.

See Book a Study Room to get help with booking a room. See Laptop Connections for guidance on connecting to the monitors.

General Guidelines

Study rooms and the room booking service are for use by current SAIT students only.

Each student is allowed to book a maximum of 2 hours in a week (Sunday – Saturday). Each booking is 30 minutes. Students who made bookings they no longer require are asked to cancel those bookings using the link in their booking confirmation email. Cancelled bookings do not count against a student's 2 hours per week allotment. Bookings that do not comply with library policies will be cancelled without notice.

Study rooms may be used for individual or group study, for example:

  • A student wanting a quiet work space could book up to 2 hours of room time during a calendar week for solitary study, or
  • A group of three students could book up to 6 hours of room time each calendar week.

Please be aware that study rooms are video monitored for security purposes.

Remember, all library policies still apply within the study rooms.

Maximum Occupancy

Study rooms have varying occupancy limits, based on their size. The table below notes the maximum number of people allowed in each room:

Study Room

Maximum Occupancy

Study Room

Maximum Occupancy

#1 6 #7 11
#2 11 #8 8
#3 8 #9 8
#4 8 #10 8
#5 6 #11 11
#6 11    

Users who exceed these limitations may be asked to reduce the number of users in the room or have their bookings cancelled.

No Shows

Demand for study rooms is often heavy.

  • Students are given 10 minutes from their booking's start time to claim the room
  • After 10 minutes has passed, the booking of 30 minutes is forfeited and the room is available to other students
  • Study room time lost due to late arrival, or a "No Show", does count against the 2 hour per week allotment

Drop-in Use

Students may use study rooms on a drop-in basis, subject to the following rules:

  1. A drop-in user cannot request that anyone already occupying a room leave
  2. Drop-in users must leave the room immediately when a student with a booking arrives within 10 minutes after the start of their booking
  3. If a student with a booking arrives more than 10 minutes late (see No Shows, above) at a room occupied by a drop-in user, the drop-in user has priority for the room until the next booking

Student Responsibility

Students can view the list of confirmed bookings by clicking the "Confirmed Bookings" box under the calendar on the online room booking page. It is each student's responsibility to take note of the display name they chose and check the booking page for their time/date/location.


Library staff monitor room use throughout the day and are the final arbiters of appropriate use and any other concerns or conflicts that arise from bookings or use of library study rooms.

Questions or concerns related to room bookings should be referred first to Library Information Desk staff. Follow-up, if necessary, should be referred to the Access Services Librarian or the Library Manager.

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