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The Reg Erhardt Library is a centre for learning, research and study.

Some learners work best when working in a small group, while others want quiet space for individual study. These differing needs require that the library provide both collaborative work space and individual quiet study space.

Also, the library is a place for people to get assistance with locating and using information — thus, staff will have to talk with patrons about the use of resources and services. Equipment such as photocopiers, printers and the courtesy phone generate noise as well.

There will always be a certain amount of noise in the library.

To help provide an atmosphere conducive to both quiet and group study needs, library users should not engage in behaviour which interferes with other's use of the library, such as:

  • loud and/or prolonged conversations
  • rowdiness
  • the use of audio devices at volumes audible to other patrons

Quiet Study

Level 0 has been designated for quiet study. There are fewer tables and more individual study carrels on this level. Library users are asked to keep conversations to a minimum and at a low level.

Study Rooms

The 11 small study rooms are intended for use by groups of students working together on projects or studying. The rooms are not soundproof and users are asked to keep their discussions at a reasonable sound level.

Cell Phones

Cell phone ring tones are often loud and disruptive. Please set your device to silent alert before entering the library.

Talking on cell phones is treated as a noise issue, in accordance with the guidelines presented here. As with other modes of behaviour, patrons may be asked to leave the library or move to another area to continue their conversation.

A courtesy phone is provided to patrons as an alternative for patrons who need to make a brief call.


Library users who disrupt or disturb others will be asked to leave the Library.

Questions or concerns about excessive noise or disruptive behaviour should be referred first to library Information Desk staff. Follow-up, if necessary, should be referred to the Access Services Librarian or the Library Manager.

Last Updated: October 21, 2016 5:01 PM

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