SAIT Archives

Reproduction of Archival Material

Photocopying of textual material is permitted provided that:

  • the material is in good physical condition
  • the physical integrity of the material will not be damaged
  • there are no restrictions upon copying
  • there is no violation of copyright law

We are required by the Copyright Act to notify our researchers:

  • That any copy is to be used solely for the purpose of research or private study
  • That any use of a copy for a purpose other than research or private study may require the authorization of the copyright owner of the work in question

Archives staff can also arrange for reproduction of photographic material.

If archival material is to be used in a publication, it is the responsibility of the researcher to obtain permission to publish.

Reproduction Price List

PhotocopiesNo charge.25 cents per page
Scans (per scan)$5.00$10.00
CD or DVD$3.00 per CD or DVD$3.00 per CD or DVD
PrintsCostCost +30%
Shipping and HandlingN/A$5.00